Without wanting to make too bad a judgment on a different guitar, against the Reid Vaultback, a normal price industry guitar would seems as it were the handicraft of a ten-year old child. Extraordinary, unique, far away from any mainstream and artistically valuable. The Vaultback Halo of DAR is a masterpiece of contemporary lutherie – without ifs and buts. Its unbelievable value as a musical instrument competes with its artistic quality. I am honoured to have been allowed to play a guitar that differs so much from anything known and which leaves such an impression. Considering how rare these creations are, how innovative, refined and special, I want to predict that they will also play a prominent role in the future.

Grand Gtrs Magazine

Realwood Headstock
VaultBack Combollin Bracing. (SOLD)

VaultBack Combollin Bracing. (SOLD)

Here's an image of the bracing of my new Combolin. It has taken me 10 days to workout and sculpt. For a full explanation of my bracing principles, you can view my YouTube video where I explain everything. This is obviously a bit of a different bracing pattern from my standard guitars, but employing the same principles, with the extra forces at hand, in mind.

If you'd like to see my eplanation video, please click "More Information", below. Next up, finish the fingerboards, fit the top, then embelishments. Look out for new updates soon!

Written: Friday December 14th, 7:15pm 2012