Without wanting to make too bad a judgment on a different guitar, against the Reid Vaultback, a normal price industry guitar would seems as it were the handicraft of a ten-year old child. Extraordinary, unique, far away from any mainstream and artistically valuable. The Vaultback Halo of DAR is a masterpiece of contemporary lutherie – without ifs and buts. Its unbelievable value as a musical instrument competes with its artistic quality. I am honoured to have been allowed to play a guitar that differs so much from anything known and which leaves such an impression. Considering how rare these creations are, how innovative, refined and special, I want to predict that they will also play a prominent role in the future.

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Realwood Headstock

Bulletproof Guitar Case, By David Antony Reid. (SOLD)

When making an instrument as specialised as a Double Neck VaultBack, it's kind of hard to find a case for it! So, I decided to make my own. And if I'm going to make one from scratch, why not make it bulletproof?

I have made this custom, David Antony Reid Guitar Case out of kevlar and fibreglass. It's twice the thickness of other custom cases, has three times the impact strength, and three times as protected with polystyrene infills. If anyone is interested in this type of custom-made case, please just drop me a line.

For images of the construction in progress, see the picture to the right, and the links below that image.

To read-up on kevlar, click "More Information".

Written: Saturday January 19th, 1:22pm 2013