Without wanting to make too bad a judgment on a different guitar, against the Reid Vaultback, a normal price industry guitar would seems as it were the handicraft of a ten-year old child. Extraordinary, unique, far away from any mainstream and artistically valuable. The Vaultback Halo of DAR is a masterpiece of contemporary lutherie – without ifs and buts. Its unbelievable value as a musical instrument competes with its artistic quality. I am honoured to have been allowed to play a guitar that differs so much from anything known and which leaves such an impression. Considering how rare these creations are, how innovative, refined and special, I want to predict that they will also play a prominent role in the future.

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The Best Guitar Setup In Scotland. Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Inverness, Dundee, Perth, Stirling 


Looking for “the” best setup for your stringed instrument? Then you’ve just come to the right place for the absolute best instrument setup possible, as David isn't just a guitar tech, he's a multi award winning guitar maker, (luthier) with an international reputation for excellence.

Over the years David has made classical, electric, slide, tenor, flat back steel string, VaultBack, combolin and even cigar box guitars. He has also had many years of experience setting-up hundreds of jazz guitars, mandolins, banjos and ukuleles, too. So, when you have your instrument setup by him, you are guaranteed for it to be one of the best in the world, let alone Scotland.

“As low as possible with out buzzing, please!” is a line we often hear at the darluthier studio. We are going to get that in neon lights one day, ha, ha!

In order to achieve this holy grail of setups, six things have to be perfect. The strings have to be new, you have to stick to the same gauge of strings, the nut has to be perfect, the frets have to be spot-on, the trussrod (if there is one) and neck have to be set just right for the individual guitar, i.e., have the correct relief, and the saddle has to have enough scope for adjustment. All of these factors shall be thoroughly checked over by David as you wait. He shall also ask you to play a little for him so as the guitar can be setup for you, as an individual player, and to suit your very individual guitar, which is of course a very subjective matter - which is why this is such a bespoke service!

Oh, and don’t worry if you aren’t an accomplished player, we all have different abilities, and we all had to start somewhere. But getting that perfect setup for you is the best place to start playing better, and you’ve come to the perfect place for that!  David sets up guitars for everybody from top, world famous professionals, to absolute beginners . 

On a side-note, we are not a guitar shop/store, so we only have a limited selection of strings, so it is recommended that you bring a set of your favorites with you. However, David can thoroughly advise you on the best string for you and your guitar if you are uncertain in this department.

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