Without wanting to make too bad a judgment on a different guitar, against the Reid Vaultback, a normal price industry guitar would seems as it were the handicraft of a ten-year old child. Extraordinary, unique, far away from any mainstream and artistically valuable. The Vaultback Halo of DAR is a masterpiece of contemporary lutherie – without ifs and buts. Its unbelievable value as a musical instrument competes with its artistic quality. I am honoured to have been allowed to play a guitar that differs so much from anything known and which leaves such an impression. Considering how rare these creations are, how innovative, refined and special, I want to predict that they will also play a prominent role in the future.

Grand Gtrs Magazine

Realwood Headstock

Vault Back: Specifications

My signature model: by far the most comfortable guitar you shall ever play, and my best sounding instrument. Their Vaulted backs aid the elimination of standing waves and project to an almost dreadnought like degree, yet they are controlled and extremely well balanced.

Price from No longer available
Scale Length 650mm (25.59”)
Width of neck at nut 44mm, 45mm 46mm or 48mm
At 14th Fret 54mm, 55mm 56mm or 58mm


Upper Boat 305mm
Lower Boat 395mm
Body Length 495mm
Depth at deepest point 120mm
Over all length 14th fret model: 1025mm
12th fret model: 995mm
Body depth at bottom 95mm
Body depth at heal 75mm

Depth of Neck

At 1st Fret 20mm, 21mm or 22mm
 At 9th Fret 22mm, 23mm, 24mm
Fingerboard radius 12” or 16”


At 12th Fret treble 1.4mm, 1.6mm or 1.8mm
At 12th Fret bass 2.2mm, 2.4mm or 2.6mm Higher action is best for the more strident player!


Nut/Saddle Bone
Back& sides Solid: Birdseye maple/ Flamed sycamore/ Flamed maple/ Indian rosewood / Walnut/ Service / Cherry / Paduk / Apple / Pear / African blackwood / Cuban mahogany. Other timbers can be used but I am trying to greatly reduce the amount of tropical timbers and replace them with fruit woods indigenous to the UK.
Top Solid: Sitka spruce / European white spruce / Englemann spruce/ Western red cedar / curly redwood / Adirondack spruce
Neck 12th fret joint or 14th. Brazilian mahogany / Figured maple / or three piece of Paduk Cuban mahogany and Figured Maple
Finger board & Bridge Indian rosewood / Indian ebony / Macassar ebony /African blackwood
Case Custom Calton or custom carbon fibre Hoffee
Machine heads Schaller, Gohto, Waverly or Custom, Handmade Robson